Basic Rules for Channel Management

Basic Rules for channel management

In this part, I want to outline the basic rules of channel maintenance for you. Where did they come from and why do you need to follow them? It is just a kind of etiquette that has developed over time and is supported by most Telegram channel administrators. For advanced users, these tips will be obvious and they follow them already intuitively, but for beginners I think they will be useful. 

1. Do not invite readers to an empty channel. It is better to write the first week after the creation of the channel, write posts to fill the channel, and then engage in promotion.

2. Format the posts so that they are easy to read. Split the text into blocks, highlight important places in bold, italics or even emoji (but do not overdo them).

3. Get used to publishing at the same specific time, this way you will train your readers, and they will wait for your posts every time. And also set the publication time, not exactly 17:00, but 17:08 – so your channel will be at the top of the list for users. Since most channels publish their posts at exactly the same time without any additional 8-13 minutes.

4. Disable notifications for “unimportant” posts. Do not annoy subscribers with the sound of an incoming message, every time you post a “funny cat”, they will see it anyway, just later.

5. Do not put the picture and text in separate posts, firstly, it is, as in the point above, annoying (two notifications instead of one), and secondly, just unsightly. Here in this post I showed in detail how to make text and picture in one post – use it! Spoiler, just use the ControllerBot.

6. Content must be unique and interesting. At one time I was signed to more than 200 channels, but read only 10-12 of them. And why? I just don’t like it when the post “How to increase your productivity” is published on one channel in the morning, it is repeated on the second channel in the afternoon and on the other 3 channels in the evening. It doesn’t make sense to read the same thing… I ended up unsubscribing from such thieves-channels. Many administrators do not even bother to “rewrite”, let alone copywrite. Write yourself or hire a competent copywriter!

7. This point is more about advertising, but still. NEVER participate in so-called MEGA, unless you want your channel to be advertised on a par with some “Top XXX Videos” and other trash. Adequate selections are good, but MEGA is not. Thus, you immediately rank yourself as a low-grade channel.

These are the 7 basic rules that every self-respecting Telegram channel administrator must follow. I hope that you will not neglect them either.