Benefits from Telegram channels and their types

Benefits from Telegram channels and their types

Telegram channels are divided into 4 main types:

  • Informational
  • Entertainmental
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Informational

Let’s look at each type in more detail.

Informational is a channel by type of media, or training channels, or a collection of facts. Such channels are targeted at a wide audience and have quite good growth rates, which subsequently attracts advertisers.

Entertainmental – humor, gif-collections, jokes, jokes, some thematic channels. The minimum thought is just to laugh. About the quality of the audience (and advertisers, respectively) make conclusions for yourself.

Commercial – a huge number of channels about business, the sale of any goods, shops, firms, companies and so on.

Commercial Informational is exactly the same channels I mentioned above. Channels are business owners, personal blogs (sometimes), channels for projects and your clients.

The channel market is developing very fast, but still underestimated. For example:

“As the owner of a channel with an impressive number of subscribers, I get a lot of offers for advertising. And these offers are not only from other administrators, but also from the owners of a business very far away from Telegram. It is good if they are “already in the trend” and understand the possibilities of this messenger, but sometimes such dialogues can happen.

Girl (D): Hello, I am a representative of PR department of the company … I am interested in the possibility of buying advertising on your channel.
I: Hello, there is such an opportunity. I looked at the information about your company, it is well suited to the theme of the channel. It’s possible to make a native advertisement. Terms and conditions on the link …
D: Very good. Thank you for the information, I will pass it on to the management and hope the budget is allocated.
I: Hope?) The management does not give money for advertising?)
D: They do) They just found out about Instagram and I have been trying to prove the effectiveness of Telegram for 3 weeks already. I think that everything will work out.
I: Okay, write down the details. If there’s anything available in three weeks. 😉
D: Thank you)

These are the kind of dialogues, unfortunately, that happen.”

All over the world, both in Russia and in the West, Telegram is only just gaining momentum, you just need to have time to take a place – to create your own interesting channel with quality content, as it used to be with groups in other social networks…