Chapter 2. Channels

Telegram Channels

In this chapter we begin to create our own channel and fill it with content.

After you have read this chapter (this post and a few posts below), you will have your own original channel designed and filled with quality content. After that you will be able to start promoting your channel. Well, first of all, let’s take a closer look at the features of Telegram channels.

In fact, the channel is a means of transmitting information to a large audience. As I said before, it is a certain analogue of groups or fan page on Facebook, where records, media files and documents can be sent only by the channel’s administrators and editors.

Remember when I started writing about the channel sold for $80,000? This is the “Ex” channel. In short, the channel is a one-way dialogue with your ex-girlfriend. It’s like she’s writing to you and you’re not answering. Posts in Telegram channel are no different from usual messages (unless, of course, you use special features of bots, which we will talk about further). However, despite the simplicity of the channels, they are very effective, the reasons I have already analyzed in the past posts. Your message or “post” is received by all subscribers of the channel at once – they receive a notification as an ordinary message, it allows to reach up to 70-80% of views in the first 24 hours after publication.

Channels are also very good for business. For example, you can make a separate channel for any of your projects and add your clients to it. This allows you to inform them about promotions, discounts, project promotions and any articles instead of the company’s general blog. That is, you write for a guaranteed-active audience that is sure to be interested and that is likely to share the news and buy your own product or service.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a small business or you are an Apple. Telegram can help and improve absolutely any kind of activity.