How to create your channel on Telegram

How to create your channel in Telegram

If you’re reading this chapter, then you’ve already installed Telegram. I will be showing an example on a Desktop application on a working PC. There is practically no difference with the version for smartphones.

Go to the application and click on “New Channel” in the menu.

How to create your channel on Telegram

Enter Channel Name and Description. Also add a logo, preferably a unique logo – the face of your channel and worth a couple of hours of work in Photoshop.

Press Create.
Now you need to select the channel type.

I already wrote in this post about the types of channels. But channels are also divided into the following types: public and private.
Usually everyone creates channels like public. In the example, it will be a maxbasevblog channel, and the link to it will look like

If you choose a channel like private, the link will be automatically generated. An example for the image below.

You can access private channels only by clicking on the link.

Back to channels like public.
The reference to such channels is unique for each channel. So, think about it carefully, because in all advertising integrations this very link will be placed, and if it looks like @mysuperpuperchannel it will not look very beautiful.

Press “Save” and now you can add your first subscribers to the channel from your contact list (more about this in the next chapters), for now you can skip this item by clicking “Skip”.

Since I am using a new account to create these entries, I have an empty contact list, and you will have contacts from your address book.

Done, your first channel created! You can start publishing your content and start promoting it, and how to do it competently I will tell you further! 😉 All the most interesting starts!