How to install Telegram

How to install Telegram

Well, let’s get to practice!

For starters, where do you get Telegram?

For smartphones and tablets, you can download this application from official stores, such as the App Store and Google Play.
Official website of Telegram.
Download Telegram for Windows/Max/Linux home PC at this link. At this link you can also download the Portable version, which may be useful for us in the future.
And here you can find the web version of Telegram. 

And now about the installation of the application itself.

For example, the Portable version for the Windows operating system.

Step 1

Visit the official Telegram website. Click on the Apps button and download the Portable version (or any other one that suits you best).

Step 2

You will have a downloaded archive that must be unpacked by any available archiver (in my case it was WinRar).

After unpacking you will have a file for the first launch of Telegram.

Step 3

Run the file and you will see this window.
Press Start Messaging.

You need to enter your mobile number to which the confirmation code will come later.

Once you have received the code, enter it and press Next.

Step 4

Additional files will appear in your folder where the file to run Telegram is located.

After the first launch of Telegram, go to the settings and edit your profile.

That’s all it is. Now you can use Telegram, communicate with friends, create chats and channels and much more. I will tell you about other features in one of the following chapters.