How to manage a channel #2

How to manage a channel

As a result of work in the past post, you have your own channel and your own publication bot. In this post you will connect the ControllerBot and learn how to create publications through it.

First, find the ControllerBot through a Telegram search or simply by clicking on this link.

Press “Start”

And enter the command /addchannel

In return, the bot will send you information about what you have already done – created your bot in BotFather. In response to this message you need to send the token of the bot you have created.
Remember I told you to save it? Now you can use it.

In response to the sent token, the bot will tell you to add your bot to the administrators of your channel (you have already done that) and now you just need to send the address of your channel ControllerBot.

Specify your city to determine your time zone.

So everything is ready. Now go to the chat room with your publication bot.

Press “Create Post”

Unlike the standard Telegram client, ControllerBot supports HTML and Markdown formats.
I suggest you use Markdown and prepare your posts in advance.

Press “Attach Media”. Choose some picture that will be under your post. We will talk about the design of the posts in the next chapters, now just a training.

Press “Send”. And “Send Now”.

That’s all. Your post is ready!
This is how it looks in the end.

ControllerBot has many other features such as sheduled posting, viewing statistics, attaching reactions and votes to your posts, etc. We will talk about this in the next chapters. In the meantime, you can already publish your content to your channel.