Telegram Introduction

Hello, reader! If you are reading this post, then you are interested in starting your own business in a popular messenger like Telegram. Well, you made the right choice!

I will tell you straight away and honestly – this information can be found (most of it) in the public domain. But I will try to make it as short as possible, by topic and as clear as possible. And also give more statistics, references and recommendations based on my experience.

It is possible that some of you have already read the news on various sites around the following content:

  • “Telegram and the Blockage in the Russian Federation: Why the officials have changed their attitude to the messenger dramatically”.
  • “Telegram has launched a bot payment system and a Telescope video platform.”
  • “Arthur Chaparyan, the author of the popular Russian-language Telegram channel “Ex” decided to sell it for $20,000.”
  • “Ex-channel was resold for $80,000.”
  • and many others!

First there was MySpace and Facebook, then came the era of WhatsApp, and with it came the time for messengers. It’s Telegram time, to be exact! How many Telegram channels does an average person subscribe to? 10? 20? How about 50? You must be among the channels that people subscribe to. By recruiting an audience now, then you will be “sitting on the passive income from advertising” for many years!

In most existing manuals or, if I may say so, “textbooks”, we’re told something like this: “Create a channel – invest a suitcase of money – profit”, no! In my opinion, this is not the right way! And I will prove it and show you! You can earn with the help of Telegram!

When I first started, there were no courses, let alone Telegram books, so I had to do everything by trial and error. In those days, the admins of various Facebook groups who “caught the trend” were able to make channels to which tens of thousands of Telegram users are now subscribed, and one advertising post on their channels costs about the average salary of a good programmer. Do you think they know any secret tricks? It is partly true, but it is also a job and just a good combination of circumstances. Now you can still “go to Telegram” and make a decent project that makes good profit, but soon it will not be possible. If you have made up your mind, I will tell you how to do it further on.

Are you ready?