Theme selection for Telegram channel

Theme selection for Telegram channel

“Choose a theme for the channel? It’s so much easier!” – That’s what most people think. But there’s a BUT everywhere. In this chapter, we’ll talk more about choosing a theme for the channel.

Very well, if you already have your own experience, let’s say a blog, or if you have experience in running groups in other social networks, or if you are a media celebrity at all? Then no problem and you can make a blog about yourself, but ordinary people have to be demand-driven. As they say, “demand gives birth to supply.”

First, let’s talk about the themes that we don’t need to do channels on.

  1. Do not promote the ideas of terrorism or any other violation of the general principles of humanism. Such channels receive a permament (eternal) ban and are removed.
  2. Any topics for which Apple users are banished – porn, video/audio infringing on copyrights. These topics are of course very popular, you can create a channel to recruit 3-4 thousand subscribers, and then get a ban from Apple. Of course, you can promote the channel without taking into account Apple users, but you will lose a significant part of your audience.

For those who received a ban but did not break any rules, it is better to contact

Now, let’s talk about topics that show well in Telegram. This is everyone else! However, in this messenger you will find everything you like: comics, reviews, humor, cars and sports, men’s clubs and crochet lessons. There are even canals of prisoners sitting in jail right now or soldiers serving in a war zone, yes, what are we talking about, even a canal of a bum!

Now many projects from Facebook are starting to move to Telegram. Some of them are implemented with the help of a simple bot that automatically repost from a group of all new entries, and some are trying to make various content for different social networks (such administrators/editors are worthy of respect).

The popularity of topics at the moment (according to my observations, feedback from other administrators and statistics services) is approximately the following:

  • Humor, stories of subscribers
  • Business, self-development, money and financial management.
  • Crypt currency and darknet
  • Different ways and schemes of earning on the Internet
  • SEO, SMM, advertising and various promotion of everything.
  • Books and book short paraphrases
  • Politics and Media
  • Sports
  • The others are all the other channels

Of course, in any of these topics you can make a decent channel, but by choosing something special and unusual you are guaranteed to gather a very good “harvest of subscribers”.

However, I want to warn you against one common mistake. I’ve watched a lot of channels during my work in Telegram, let’s say “nothing”, i.e. these are channels about everything at once – author’s blogs, various selections without common subjects and so on. It is very difficult and VERY expensive to promote such channels (if you are not a media celebrity, as I said before). The topic should be! And it must be clear, but also not too narrow!
In the next chapters, I will analyze some of the channels that I will randomly select from the statistics website, and you will see for yourself the importance of choosing a topic.