What will happen to Telegram in 2020 and should we start?

What will happen to Telegram in 2020 and should we start?

Let’s see what the authors of some channels are writing about the perspectives of Telegram in 2020. The general forecasts are about this:

By the end of 2020, the number of subscribers on the top channels will exceed 1,500,000, and for smaller channels, the bar will rise to 150-200 thousand.

More and more people will move from social networks to Telegram, not only ordinary users, but also business representatives.

The quality of content will grow every year, and tons of endless information copied from each other will no longer interest users.

Author’s blogs will become more popular.

In the near future, a lot of Facebook audience will come to Telegram. Since messengers are developing faster than social networks, and Telegram is the fastest of all messengers.

I think it is clear what the future of Telegram is! The time for social media clones has passed, users have become more “selective” and they need high-quality, unique content. And if so, then you should give it to them, and in return – the number of subscribers to your channel will grow every day!