Who am I?

Telegram - Who am I?

Anticipating the exclamations of a huge number of people: “Who is he?! How dare he ever teach us anything! He’s nothing!” I decided to write this part. 

My name is Max (although I think you already know that). In Russia in 2017, I wrote and published a book about Telegram, under an alias. This book is, in fact, a revised version of those book and, naturally, is also a translation into English. The last book was written “to order” and not for free. It included most of the information from open sources and was met with rather controversial reviews. Beginners liked it, and experienced administrators only shouted that “This is bullshit! It’s all from the open source! Just google it, that’s all!” Well, yeah, but I’m sure a lot of them wished they’d written the book themselves. 

I have quite a lot of experience with Telegram channels, some of my channels are over three years old. I worked in several administrator teams, and worked in almost all positions from advertising manager to chief manager in the team.

In 2020, Telegram is developing faster and faster and many “techniques” are no longer relevant or do not work at all. And no one will be surprised by the old statistics as the audience has grown more than 10 times. So I decided to create a channel in Telegram @maxbasev_com. This is the channel of my blog in English and I will use it to experiment and demonstrate all the ways and options to promote your channels. 

So everything will have an “evidence base”. And all this material is initially posted on https://telegramformoney.com, and further processing into a book is an optional item, but perhaps someone will want to buy it and thus thank the author, i.e. me.

Have a nice and useful reading!