Why Telegram?

Why Telegram

Continuing my story about Telegram. You can see the introduction here.

Really, why Telegram? There is WhatsApp, Viber, and even FB Messenger after all! But no, in Russia and some other countries, all these Messengers are far from Telegram and that’s why:

  • Audience quality
  • High coverage and high response
  • There are channels, and besides them, there are supergroups.
  • Reliability, speed, cross-platform.
  • Free
  • Simplicity
  • Telegram Open API
  • Growth rates

Very soon, Telegram will be used in more and more countries.

Eight reasons enough for you?🤔 Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Audience quality

Most entrepreneurs, businessmen, various artists and even politicians use Telegram. It is simply impossible to communicate with this part of the audience in other messengers.

Also, one should take into account the fact that the adult audience in Telegram is dominant, while the adult audience means solvent. It is quite easy to sell your services or goods here, but about this later.

High coverage and high response

The audience of Telegram is very active. At the moment, more than 60% of your subscribers will view your post on the channel within 24 hours. Of course, if you develop the channel properly, rather than doing “cheat”.

There are channels, and besides them, there are supergroups

Telegram gives you the freedom of choice when creating a chat, unlike other messengers. And if “secret chats” can hardly be adapted for business, then supergroups and channels in this respect are “the very thing”.

A supergroup is a chat room in which, after the last update, up to 200,000 people can take part. As an option, you can transfer here all the communication processes of the company, to communicate with customers, to do any mailings and much more. Of course, supergroups also find their application, but we will use Channels to earn money in Telegram.

Channels are the best that Telegram has. I have already mentioned above that many administrators have moved to Telegram and it is clear why. After all, this is a trend of our days, and channels themselves are the same groups from other social networks, but with the ability to write posts only to the creator of the channel and editors (and this eliminates a lot of comments not on the topic). The possibilities and applications of Telegram channels are almost limitless, everything depends on your imagination and your needs.

It is about the channels that we will talk about further.

Reliability, speed, cross-platform

Telegram is not only available on Android and iOS, but also has a web version, a desktop application, and even a portable version! No other messenger has half of these “options”. Speed? Yes, Telegram is the fastest messenger, its file exchange speed reaches 150 Mbps.

I, for example, often use it and as a cloud storage, yeah, there is such a function. Each user can store his files/texts/music/movies in the Telegram cloud (only you will have access, but if necessary – you can always share via messages).


There are no paid opportunities.
There’s no advertising.
Stickers and those are free.
A huge number of opportunities for commerce (integration into CRM, applications and much more). All this is free for everyone!


Well, that point speaks for itself. There is nothing superfluous in Telegram, all actions are intuitive and easy to remember.

Telegram Open API

Telegram has an open API (source code). Thanks to this, if you have the right skills or a good programmer, you can create many different related programs, bots and much more. Automation of posting, a bot for technical support of your store, a bot for receiving requests at the car wash, and whatever comes to mind! Opportunities are limited only by skills and your imagination.

Growth rate

Telegram is a leader in everything, including growth rates. Versatility, simplicity, undemanding connection speed – all this makes it the best. During the year, the audience has grown from 300 million users per month to 400 million. At least 1.5 million new users are registered in the messenger every day. (Data as of 24.04.2020)

More than 20 billion messages per day pass through Telegram!

All this and much more confirms the fact that Telegram is the best messenger and the future belongs to it.